Provincial plan to reduce waste in landfills

Changes are coming to how solid waste is managed in Nova Scotia which will reduce waste in our landfills and create a greener and healthier environment.

The Department of Environment and Climate Change is working with municipalities and other stakeholders to expand the Province’s extended producer responsibility (EPR) program to include packaging, single-use plastics and paper. Nova Scotia already uses extended producer responsibility for many common household items such as electronics, computers and paint.

The changes will require the producers of these items to develop new ways to extend and manage the lifecycle of these items.

The Department will begin targeted stakeholder consultation on January 10 with:

  • municipalities
  • Divert Nova Scotia
  • the retail sector, specifically, large grocery and retail store chains, the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses and the Retail Council of Canada
  • waste management facility operators and haulers
  • apartment building property groups and associations
  • academia
  • industry and business associations
  • environmental stewardship organizations
  • and other relevant stakeholders.

Their input will help design the new waste management model, regulations, timelines and exemptions for single-use plastics, packaging and paper.

More information here.